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Quantity Surveying & Cost Management

Our role is to control and review costs, using a whole project approach with management of total budget at all development stages, and save our clients’ money far in excess of our professional fees. More than 80 per cent of the project costs are determined during the initial concept design stage and it is at this time where we can influence cost the greatest. We utilize skillful estimating and cost planning techniques, through working with the design team, to examine the options and produce the most effective solutions, both in terms of construction cost and optimized design.



We actively manage cost reporting to avoid hidden costs or surprises at completion by, early establishment of reporting procedures, roles and responsibilities, scope of work and understanding.

  • Act to ensure effective decision making in the construction process. 
  • Review and evaluate competing costs in proportion to their significance.
  • Focus on market conditions and looking forward at future cost movements.
  • Ensure total cost transparency and Enable budgets to be followed or adjusted to accommodate change/variation orders.
Tender Process

We provide document management support for all the paper-work and processing during the full life cycle of Tender Process from creation, negotiation to maintenance of a contract.

The process starts with publishing contract details on the behest of Client, Prequalifying the contractors, Techno-Commercial Evaluation of their Proposals, Negotiation and Recomendation of the Contractors based on their merits.


Programme Management

Program management (PM) is a partnership with owners that fosters effective, cost-efficient and innovative project delivery.  Acting as an extension of client staff, we ensure the client’s interests are safegaurded in all areas of project implementation from planning and design, through procurement and construction, and into operations and maintenance.

For every single project, as part of our PM responsibilities, our services begin during design with schedule and budget evaluations, constructibility reviews, and accuracy checks on cost estimates. Weighing project alternatives and structuring bid packages for lowest cost are also part of our responsibilities, as are monitoring and coordinating daily construction activities.