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Technical Audit & Due Diligence

We conduct Feasibility Studies, Technical Analysis, Opinions & Audits and submit Chartered Engineers Opinions and Certifications.

We cater to the project documentation needs of our clients providing full and detailed project report for project loan, take over  ( in case of liquidation).

Technical reports on design or construction matters are provided for bankers, builders, insurers, and the legal profession. Reports  for bankers includes the review of construction methods and schedules before funding decisions, technical assessment before acquisition of assets and independent project monitoring during the execution phase of the project.

Site Visit & Inspection

Our Site Visit and Inspection, include expert opinions and assistance in assessment by:

  1. Independent - We provide a completely independent perspective and often are called to provide a second opinion or as expert witness in settling valuation disputes.
  2. All our work is comprehensively researched project managed to include all critical elements of professional property valuation including legislative changes, market trends and fluctuations.
  3. Detailed - We provide you with detailed and professional reports that can be proudly presented to your Board or Business Partners.
Audit & Due Deligence

We are flexible in our approach and are able to focus on the real issues, providing relevant due diligence advice on a project-by-project basis.

We have a practical approach, working with funding institutions and teams of professionals to identify and mitigate risk in a project, thus ensuring the funder has the relevant information during the various stages when making important investment decisions.

We build on our initial knowledge of the scheme to provide a full due diligence report, focusing on all areas of the construction to identify areas of risk prior to construction drawdown.

This may include an overview of the following:

  • contractor capability
  • form of contract
  • development cash flow
  • detailed cost analysis


Evaluation & Reporting

We help our clients in Civil engineering & Industrial engineering backgrounds to formulate appropriate solutions to technical problems. As chartered engineers, we use our professional judgment to guide our clients to develop and apply new technologies, introduce more efficient production techniques and in the overall profitable management of their enterprises.

We provide focused advice on the critical issues of a project prior to land drawdown. This enables the funder to make important decisions before committing to a project.

This may include an overview of the following:

  • Planning consent
  • Construction cost/ budget estimate
  • Construction programme
  • Site conditions



We consider ourself that, we are the funder’s ‘eyes and ears’ on site throughout the construction period. We review progress on site, review the contractor’s monthly application and approve the developer’s monthly drawdown. At all times we are focused on the cost to complete the project.




We specialize in different categories of assets which are as follows;


  •     Land
  •     Residential Building
  •     Apartments/multifamily properties
  •     Residential subdivisions
  •     Industrial/manufacturing facilities
  •     Office buildings
  •     Shopping centers
  •     Retail properties
  •     Restaurants
  •     Hotels/Motels
  •     Vacant plots
  •     Project Valuation Reports for the Real Estate Projects